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Product Description

    Cookies Cake Mix Strain Review

Buy Cookies Cake Mix Strain  has an odd, almost unknown genetic heritage that has given it the status of a rare strain, with a healthy amount of mystery surrounding its origins. Suffice it to say that we don’t have a ton of lab information pouring out of our browser. Guava Cake and its derivatives are tough to pin down, but we’ll do our best! The powerful sweetness-turned-giddiness of the strain’s afternoon-enhancing effects make it worth the effort.

As Buy Cookies Cake Mix Strain goes in, it enhances your life with powerful tropical berry flavors, almost overpoweringly sweet. On the exhale, it becomes light, earthy, and herbal. Amid the cloud of spices, users note tastes of mango and pineapple, which we’re guessing combines into an approximation of guava? At some point, the strain really should deliver on guava if it’s going to call itself guava.

The effect of the strain begins as a cerebral kick that uplifts you, making you feel pleasant and airy. You’ll probably find yourself giggling with friends, relaxing, maybe napping. Guava Cake is a great communal snack, an afternoon-laying-around sort of treat that anyone can enjoy. You’ll be able to chat and function fine; you’ll just be lighter.

Many users experience dry mouth on this strain, but it’s a small price to pay for letting monolithic 30% THC levels work their magic on your working week stress, insomnia, and depression. We note that the strain’s uplifting effects, while great for stress, would not be so welcome in the mind of someone who suffers from anxiety. Novice users or those unsure of their preferences may want to leave this one to the more experienced explorers.

Now, the fabled genetics question. The problem is that Guava Cake is not only rare but also desirable. This means that several breeders have taken a crack at nailing down its genetics, creating several variations of the famous plant, to varying results. One version takes Wedding Cake (specifically a Gold Leaf phenotype) and backcrosses it with its own line. Another combines Guava and OG Kush. There are others too like purple cake strain

Off-brand Guava Cake turns Sativa-dominant a lot of the times, particularly when breeders put Wedding Cake into the mix. Either way, the plants at the end of these experiments produce generous amounts of buds with the right care, with thin leaves, deep green structures, and amber trichomes. While we recommend cake batter strain for experienced users or cannabis historians primarily, the amazingly sweet, sociable strain can be a majorly sleepy kick-back weekend relaxation fest that anyone can appreciate.