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Product Description

     Sweet Tea Cookies Strain Review

Buy Sweet Tea Cookies Strain is ideal for more seasoned users as her THC potency averages around the 23% range. Her nugs are a true sight to behold as green and orange shades are bold and blanketed by a very thick coating of white trichomes. Rather than taking on the herbal tone you’d expect, Sweet Tea brings a much more sugar-filled experience to your palate. Notes of wood and sweetness permeate your senses with an overwhelming flavor that’s akin to an orange jelly bean. Once you try this gal you’ll probably long to taste her over and over again.

Everyone loves a good glass of Buy Sweet Tea Cookies Strain and now you can start your day off on the right foot with a strain by the same name. Sweet Tea by the legendary Sub Cool is a cross between Space Queen, Alcatraz OG, and Cali-O, resulting in a sativa-dominant plant that’s tasty and typically uplifting. Unlike many other strains on today’s market, it offers smokers and home growers everything they could ask for.

Many people enjoy smoking daytime strains because it fills them with energy but sometimes this sensation can become too overwhelming. For most, Sweet Tea is perfectly balanced with a nice blend of uplifting effects that usually don’t make you feel like bouncing off of the walls. In addition to an extra pep in your step, this strain also tends to include feelings of euphoria, focus, and an inclination to be more social. Sweet Tea is essentially the most perfect strain for those who need to get work done or who want to enhance a social gathering.

While she’s powerful for recreational use, Sweet Tea is also a favorite among those who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes. It’s been reported that she helps to battle depression and anxiety, allowing you to possibly focus better throughout the day. Individuals who struggle with bodily pain, nausea, or a loss of appetite due to other underlying medical conditions may also find relief, as Sweet Tea could boost one’s appetite.

Subcool is one breeder that home growers absolutely love and respect, as they make seeds of their strains easily available for purchase and also don’t try to hide cultivation tips from others. Sweet Tea isn’t necessarily difficult to grow, however, these plants can get very large so it’s best if you do have some experience under your belt. She thrives in sunny climates and is quick to flower with large, heavy buds that practically beckon your name.

If you love sweet strains and have been looking for something to help keep you energized during the day, Sweet Tea might be a great option. She’s ideal for that mid-day work slump or weekend plans with friends, although quite honestly, she’s so delicious you just might want to smoke her all day every day. It’s recommended that you try her in small doses first as some say her effects can be quite strong.