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Product Description

       Berner’s Snowman Strain Review

Buy Berner’s Snowman Strain Online also Known as, Snowman OG descends from the decadent Girls Scout Cookies strain so its phenotype comes with the baggage (or the bonus!) of a hint of vanilla. Whether that mixes well with the diesel exhale is up to you. Pink snowman strain is a unique one, to be sure, but not to be confused with Buy Berner’s Snowman Strain Online Confusingly, He bred Snowman OG as well, but this isn’t the same strain. Either way, you won’t be disappointed hanging out with this particular snowman — he’s the OG, after all.

Snowman OG is an ideal kick-back strain. If you’ve got an afternoon planned out, you should skip it;. He helps you get creative, stay lazy, and lay around without worrying about the world. The world doesn’t care if you don’t care, so why not forget it? Snowman OG approves of this logic.

We mentioned the sweet vanilla from Snowman OG’s lineage, subtle but totally unmissable when it hits your tongue. The overtones are spicier, with fuel tastes as well as herbal, fruity aftereffects. The smell definitely favors herbs, fuel, and kush-like spiciness, turning sour at the end. The strain is pretty balanced, leaning Sativa 60/40. Its effects are also balancing.

Those who will get the most from snowman strain cookies suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety. If you find yourself with a low appetite during the day, you can use Snowman OG’s snackiness to find your stomach. If you find your evenings totally mired by headaches or migraines, you can also use the cerebral effects of this strain to find that happy center, where your head isn’t pounding anymore, and laying back and relaxing becomes possible.

The strain may be kind of gassy on the exhale, but it also empowers you with creativity and relaxation. If you want to get lost in thought on a lazy afternoon, snowman cookies strain can make it possible. Its lumpy, frosty green nugs and cloak of sticky resin hide a respectable low-mid 20s THC level that should take care of any pesky migraines, post-work anxiety, or racing, negative thoughts. All you have to do is sell your soul to the Snowman.