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Product Description

         Mai Tai Cookies Mario Cart

Mai Tai Cookies Mario Cart is a dream come true in a small little package. Breeders at Terraform Genetics crossed ACDC with Alien Orange Cookies to get a strain that’s high in CBD content and boasts an amazing flavor. Winner at the 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best CBD Flower, it also placed second that year for Best CBD Concentrate.

At first glance, the lower than average THC levels might turn some people off, but once you really look at this strain’s full set of benefits, you’ll change your tune. While THC only comes in at a high of 14%, CBD levels nearly match that with a consistent 12% across the board. Flavors and aromas of citrus and cherry take center stage, making those with a sweet tooth praise the ganja gods that they found this plant. Dense nugs are light in color and are very heavily coated with frosty trichomes.

Although this strain is great for pain, remember that it does have enough THC in it to provide you with a good time. As a sativa-dominant variety, Mai Tai Cookies gives users an instant burst of energy that brings focus and determination. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by this sensation, you’ll be ready and raring to go and will tackle your nagging to-do list with ease. While this productivity is great, be prepared for the comedown. Euphoria will be your friend throughout the high, yet from time to time you’ll feel some noticeable sedation.

A winner for all types of medical needs, Mai Tai Cookies Mario Cart is a favorite of many. As it helps to improve your outlook on life with its happy and energetic nature, those who struggle with stress or mild depression may find this to be the ray of sunshine they’ve been looking for. General pain including headaches or cramps can also be alleviated by just a few hits, and those who have a hard time falling asleep can time their dosage just right to help them hit the sack a little easier.

Most note that Mai Tai Cookies Mario Cart is a great choice for home cultivation, and with a relatively short flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks, you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time. Plants tend to stay pretty short at about 4 feet, so it’s a good choice if you have limited amounts of space. A decent yield might make this a favorite in your garden after you experience her amazing effects.

Whether it’s her intoxicating fragrance or just the way she makes you feel, Mai Tai Cookies is a lovely lady to spend some time with. When you can combine mild psychoactive effects with powerful pain relief, you’ve really stumbled upon the best of all worlds.